SBS LTD took part in the SMM 2018 exhibition in Hamburg


Since 1963, every two years, 12 pavilions with a total area of 90 thousand square meters within the framework of this exhibition are traditionally ready to welcome exhibitors and potential customers: owners and managers of various companies, as well as other structures, scientists, bankers and politicians.

SBS LTD took part in SMM 2018 in Hamburg on an equal footing with the world's leading shipbuilders, project companies and other high-profile participants.

Подъемное судовое оборудование ООО «СБС»

The main sections of the SMM exhibition include many areas, including:

- construction of ships and ports;

-sale of spare parts and accessories for boats;

-presentations of technologies and equipment of the main or additional type for ships and ports;

In the framework of this event, with the assistance of Palfinger Seyfeti, an informative presentation of a new, all-electric davit was held. This device, consisting of modern composite materials NPDS 1500e, is ideally suited for ships equipped with an electric undercarriage. The davit of this type (created with the assistance of SBS) caused a significant interest among a wide range of potential buyers.

Other new products related to the field of marine and river equipment were presented to the attention of visitors by developers and manufacturers. Thanks to the products and concepts presented at the exhibition, the logistics and operation of vessels, both now and in the near future, will become much easier.

SBS LTD is a company that regularly participates in specialized exhibitions. Modern ship lifting equipment, manufactured and sold with the assistance of SBS LTD, fully complies with international standards.

Подъемное судовое оборудование ООО «СБС»

One of the notable events of the exhibition was the holding of the Global Congress on Security at Sea. About seven hundred industrialists, officials, scientists, environmentalists, and other stakeholders took part in it. Shipping and related industries - areas of activity that directly affect the environment. During the gmec congress, approaches to solving problems of reducing environmental hazards, as well as increasing energy efficiency, were discussed.

According to reliable statistics, the exhibition SMM, held in 2018, was attended by about fifty thousand visitors from sixty countries. For 2014, the indicators are no less impressive - representatives from sixty-seven countries took part.

LTD SBS, being an active and responsible company, always takes part in events of the SMM level, being aware of the most significant world trends in the field of design, equipment, design and safety of vessels. After reviewing the information on a significant range of innovations presented at the exhibition, it is easy to make a logical conclusion: the technologies related to marine and port equipment continue to successfully develop in the framework of the global dialogue.

 Подъемное судовое оборудование ООО «СБС»

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