Crane-manipulator: current information on the operation and acquisition


The term "crane-manipulator" refers to equipment designed to carry out loading and unloading on the vessel, as well as nearby. Already at the stage of its design it is envisaged that this system (in any of its varieties) will be operated regularly, on a daily basis. The most popular general cargo for ships of various types - up to three tons

All details of such equipment must be distinguished by resistance to the deforming effect of sea water.

Кран-манипулятор проверенной марки

The main parts of the design of such a crane are divided into moving and stationary. The main part is to consider the column in the form of a welded structure of the tower type of metal. Inside it is usually placed various components of electrical and hydraulic systems, effectively interacting with each other.

Raise the load with a special winch, cargo rope, pulley, as well as a cargo suspension with a hook.

The crane moves the goods with an arrow, which is able to change the reach in accordance with the parameters specified by the designers.

One of the most important systems providing safety to the crane is the multi-disc normally closed brake. It is designed in such a way as to reliably hold the lifted load, even if pressure drops in the hydraulic system.

Typical modes of operation of the hydraulic system in a crane-manipulator:

- alternate. In this case, the cargo winch, steering mechanism, hydraulic cylinder work in turn and with a strictly specified speed;

- simultaneous. 2-3 mechanisms work in the same period of time, but at the same time with reduced speed.

It should be remembered that under the condition of maximum boom, the load on most components of the crane becomes maximum, and cargo operations in this mode should be carried out very carefully.

If necessary, crane-manipulators can be designed on an individual project, taking into account all the overall and other characteristics relevant to the customer. Obviously, for example, for ships with a small displacement, installing a very massive manipulator would be very dangerous and economically impractical.

The company “SBS” employs qualified engineers. They are interested in creating and implementing a project in which a simple construction will be both reliable and maintenance time minimal.

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