Reliable lifeboat from SBS - a guarantee of safety in an accident at sea


Human life is very valuable, but to keep it in dangerous conditions of the sea elements has always been a rather difficult task. The best inventors of the world, both unknown and eminent, gained deserved respect by creating or improving marine rescue equipment. And their efforts have always paid off many times, because, apart from the dangers, traveling by sea were also sources of impressive economic benefits. Every ship, and every specialist on the ship turned out to be too valuable to lose at least one unit of them. Therefore, providing the available watercraft and their personnel with a good level of safety, shipowners, therefore, first of all, make a direct investment in improving their own well-being.

Судовое спасательное оборудование. Спасательная шлюпка на корабле.

During maritime disasters, personnel are traditionally saved by using shipboard rescue equipment. His lifeboat has long been included in his list.

A lifeboat on a ship is characterized as a collective emergency rescue device that can be operated for a long period in autonomous mode.

Forming the list of boats available for ordering, SBS specialists carefully considered all the available international experience of shipbuilders, sailors and rescuers. As a result, it was possible to create a catalog of collective life-saving appliances, distinguished by the highest rates of reliability and convenience.

For each case, a variety of collective life-saving equipment will be selected individually, taking into account not only all operating conditions, but also your financial capabilities.

In addition, the category of shipboard rescue equipment also includes individual rescue equipment (special clothing, protective equipment).

Representatives of the SBS company are ready to accept an order for a complete set of any floating craft. The event will be carried out in full compliance with the current legislation, as well as other relevant rules and regulations of the state and international level.

Orders can be received from government, commercial, and other structures, as well as from private clients.

Delivery, warranty, and the necessary level of information support will be discussed individually. With the participation of not only managers, but also representatives of the management of SBS LTD.

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