The SMM (Shipbuilding, Machinery & Marine Technology) Hamburg 2016 exhibition results for PALFINGER MARINE


SBS is the supplier of Palfinger Marine, whose equipment was presented at SMM Hamburg

The international exhibition of marine technologies, machinery and shipbuilding SMM Hamburg is the leading international maritime trade fair. Huge number of exhibitors, exhibits and visitors gathered in the exhibit halls, representing specialized innovations and progressive technologies. Besides, it is still the international information forum for new business contacts. Worthy indicators of attendance confirm the royal status of the SMM exhibition and present the widest range of services and products. It is a unique opportunity to achieve economic success in the industry.

SMM 2016 was not an exception: the products were provided by about 1,5 thousand companies from 50 countries all over the world. Total visitors amount exceeded 50 thousand people. It was possible to see not only the ships and the equipment for them, but also a dockside facilities maintenance for quick loading and vessels overcoming open spaces of the World Ocean, delivering loads to the addressee in integrity and safety.

It was devoted to so-called "green navigation" much time. The latest technologies for nature protection and alternative energy sources were presented at an exhibition on a public inspection. Many suppliers showed their eco-equipment, including the innovation fuel systems, hybrid and the CNG-engines with low indicators of emissions level.

Numerous exposures reached their target audience, many producers interested consumers and acquired partners connections. And Palfinger Marine that equipment is delivered by SBS Ltd, achieved special success.

The global brand changes sea landscapes

The company Harding was purchased that allows to change approach to deliveries of the ship equipment, offering it in a complex from one producer. It allows to change completely rules of the game and to enter into supplier group of the deck equipment, working in all segments and providing a full service package: offshore, cruise ships, naval vessels, coast defense ships, wind power, standard and individual cranes, lowering and lifting devices and winches.

Under the Palfinger brand a group of powerful brands in 19 countries of the world where 33 representations and service centres are concentrated is integrated now. The company Palfinger does not intend to stop in development – its main goal is formation as the leading supplier of the deck equipment for vessels.

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