Advantages and variety of ship cranes

SBS Company is developing at a rapid pace, offering modern and high-quality ship equipment from well-known European manufacturers, such as the Netherlands, Norway, Italy, Germany, Austria and others. One of the main directions of our activity is the supply of high-powered ship cranes, which are designed to work in the most difficult weather conditions, all sorts of latitudes and are designed for heavy loads.

Ship crane from SBS is the highest quality, functionality, safety and competitive prices.

Why is it profitable to buy equipment for ships from us?

The ship cranes we implement have a number of advantages:

· Operational universality;

· security;

· A wide range of choices for performance, power and other design features;

· Profitability;

· Durability and durability during operation even in the open sea under bad weather conditions;

· Ease and availability of maintenance and management;

· Multifunctionality.

What do we offer?

1. Hydraulic crane. Serves for loading / unloading ships in ports and at sea. Some models are able to cope with loads of colossal mass and size.

2. Folding. These are maneuverable and compact installations that are able to work in cramped conditions and with loads of non-standard dimensions and forms. Lifting and movement of cargo is carried out without jerks, which is possible thanks to a special hydraulic cylinder. You can adjust and limit the lift height. These cranes are equipped with telescopic booms, which provides unique opportunities - a large range of extension.

3. A - shaped. Productive, durable and reliable designs that have found application in a variety of operations: tripping and underwater. There are different lengths and carrying capacities, and are usually mounted on the sides or in the stern.

4. Specialized. These are ship cranes which are intended for the solution of highly specialized tasks. For example, it can be work with pipes or containers. Equipped with additional equipment.

In addition to the above items, SBS is engaged in sales of:

· Davits.

SBS LTD offers ship cranes of various payloads with various additional functions for operation in different climatic / weather conditions and the state of the water surface.

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