Desalinators Tekhnikomar - applying the method of reverse osmosis

Tecnicomar is an Italian manufacturer of desalination equipment, which is actively used in the conditions of sea travel. Fresh water is the most important thing needed for a comfortable stay of passengers and crew on the ship.

Tekhnikomar desalination plants will satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding seafarers. These are reliable, compact, easy to manage and maintain, high-performance reverse osmosis systems, which it seems possible to use on vessels of any type with a different range of the route.

History reference
The Tecnicomar brand was founded in the late 70s of the twentieth century for the design and manufacture of desalters for reverse osmosis for individual, industrial and marine purposes. Guided by market trends and applying progressive developments, the manufacturer has achieved tremendous success and has received worldwide recognition.

Nothing has changed so far: the use of high-quality materials and technological components are the factors that guarantee the success of Technicomar. Under this brand a large number of desalination plants are produced, which are presented in several series.

SBS cooperates with the Italian trademark Tecnicomar, and therefore offers reverse osmosis desalters at affordable prices and in the widest range.

Reverse Osmosis Technology
The principle of the device is quite simple: water passes under pressure through special membranes. Membranes are made from materials of unique properties - cellulose or polyamide. In the structure of the membrane there are special micropores that pass through water molecules, but retain larger particles of salt and impurities.

Desalination systems constructively consist of a set of tubes that are placed relative to each other in a parallel manner. Pipes in desalination plants are made from the same materials as the membrane itself. That is, they have a porous structure.

Sea water is supplied by a pump, and desalted, suitable for use, and salt concentrate, which is sent to the effluent, are discharged in two ways.

Why us?
The SBS virtual catalogs contain descalers of Tekhnikomar of various models: with different capacities per hour and per day, installation capacity, various overall dimensions, weight and some other technical and operational characteristics.

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