Features of the steering gears and their types

The steering machine is an important assistant on a vessel of any type. Provides handling in open water and ensures safe swimming. With the aid of this auxiliary steering device, the rudder rudder rotates to the required angle. Thus, the vessel is given the proper course and is maneuvered.


The steering mechanism consists of the following components:

  • drive;

  • proper steering;

  • transmissions;

  • control element;

  • and engine.

The wheel consists of a hollow design (feather) streamlined or streamlined shape. Also provided is a vertical shaft, which is called a baller. With the pen, the stock is rigidly connected. A tiller is put on the baller above - this is a special lever.

Engines on modern ships are installed electric. Previously used steam. Steering gears are made with hydraulic and mechanical gears.

What do we offer?

SBS Company sells high-quality steering gears from well-known global manufacturers, whose product quality has been confirmed by years of safe and trouble-free operation.

Requirements for steering systems:

  • durability;

  • the ability to control the vessel from several points;

  • operational safety for the crew;

  • the possibility of operational control transfer from the main to the additional;

  • small weight and dimensions;

  • convenience, ease of management and maintenance;

  • profitability.

Steering machines classification

  1. By steering design:
    • Streamlined - this is a frame made of metal, which is sheathed with steel; To reduce the resistance of the water mass, special fairings are mounted on the feather.
    • Flat - high-strength structures, but have greater resistance to movement of the vessel.
  2. The location of the pen in relation to the axis of rotation:
    • Balancing - the area of the pen, which has the name of balance, is located to the bow of the vessel; the total area of the balancer is about 25%.
    • Semi-balancing - the balance part of the pen has a lower height than the main.
    • Non Balancing (Standard).

In addition to the main steering machines, on ships are installed the so-called special steering wheels and auxiliary mechanisms, which include nozzles, thrusters, bow / active steering wheels.

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