Modifications of crane manipulators. Type of boom and load capacity

Crane-handling devices are special devices with which you can perform loading and unloading activities on ships and in port areas. There are many types of CMU, differing in performance, power, boom type and other design features.

The crane - the manipulator by the type of an arrow
1. Telescopic. The mechanisms with the minimum number of links are some moving and some not. Links are drawn into one another, which gives flexibility when working with loads. Such a device allows to significantly increase the height of the rise.

Management is performed using a special joystick or multi-function panel.

2. Z - shaped (European type). The arrow consists of several links that are folded according to the type of the Latin letter “Z”. Of the advantages should be highlighted mobility, ease of operation, versatility of work with any type of cargo and compactness.

3. L - similar (Asian type). These arrows produce Japanese, Korean and Chinese brands. Advantages of the crane - manipulator: it is possible to work with extremely heavy loads accurately and smoothly.

Crane - manipulator and performance
There are several categories of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine by capacity

1. Lightweight class (up to 7 tons). Simple and easy-to-use devices, but not suitable for a wide range of tasks.

2. Medium (up to 25 tons). The maximum boom length is twenty meters.

3. Heavy class (up to 80 tons). Mounted to accommodate enormous loads.

CMU cable and hydraulic type
1. Hydraulic. A hook is placed on the edge of the boom, which allows you to work with loads, both the whole boom and its individual links. It is compact, reliable and easy to manage installation.

2. Cable. Equipped with a special hook and winch (hydraulic drive) - with their help, work with loads. The ideal solution for loading / unloading loads of huge mass through high obstacles. It is also possible to lower loads to a negative degree horizontally. The arrow does not fold, which is why there are drawbacks in terms of compactness.

The crane-manipulator from the SBS company is a guarantee of reliability, functionality and durability!

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