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Typically, sea and river ports are equipped with powerful lifting and transport mechanisms. Regardless, ships are also equipped with highly functional lifting equipment, be it cargo booms, cranes or other mechanisms. The presence of such systems guarantees the independence of ships from the available port lifting machines. Also significantly reduced the maintenance time of the vessel. It is for these reasons that the use of ship cranes is fully justified.

SBS LTD provides services for the delivery, installation and commissioning of ship lifting equipment with subsequent commissioning. Additionally, we will make repairs and reconstruction of equipment in order to increase the term of use and increase safety of work.

For all the time services, SBS has gained a reputation as a reliable and professional partner. We constantly participate in thematic exhibitions and conferences in the field of ship equipment. Without interruptions, we are working on upgrading cranes in order to offer the best value for money ratio for customers.
The advantages of our lifting equipment
Control. The system is simple and understandable for port workers who do not possess specialized education and training. Wiring, motors and other mechanisms are performed with protection from moisture.
Weight. Minimum values ​​are welcome, but it all depends on the specification and application field of the equipment. The wide range of cranes supplied by us will make the best choice for a vessel of any displacement.
Load capacity We are ready to provide equipment that is able to cope with loads of large masses.

Types of shipboard lifting equipment.
By design features, the cranes can be divided into the following types:
1. Swivel jib cranes with rigid boom. With the help of such systems it is possible to take and move cargo to any point. Usually consists of three mechanisms: turning, changing the departure and lifting the load.
2. Underdeck hoists. Equipped with a pallet grip. And are designed for loading and unloading vehicles and cargo in containers.
4. Container. Used on container ships.
5. Special. This category includes lifting equipment of nuclear icebreaking vessels, offshore drilling platforms.

SBS company supplies ship equipment of exceptionally high quality. In order to order a crane-manipulator, according to your technical task, simply contact our managers. We always look forward to fruitful and long-term cooperation!

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