8th International Naval Salon IMDS-2017


CMU Palfinger. Crane-manipulator installations at the best prices from the SBS company.

Russian production of marine machinery continues to develop new areas. Not so long ago in St. Petersburg was the International Naval Salon. It was there that the plant "Inman", located in the Republic of Bashkortostan, presented at its stand the first fully-built crane-manipulator in Russia for ships and vessels.

CMU value
The release of this equipment in our country is a real milestone in the history of domestic shipbuilding. Crane-manipulator units (CMU) make it possible to carry out work on the loading and unloading of goods in an aggressive marine environment. At the moment, the Austrian company "Palfinger" is a leader in this field, for many years producing reliable and high-quality units. For more than fifteen years, it has been supplying cranes to Russia thanks to SBS LTD, which is their official representative. Cranes "Palfinger" perfectly proved in the most severe conditions, carrying out difficult and sometimes dangerous tasks.

Now the Russian dealer of Palfinger LTD SBS presented the Russian crane for the domestic and foreign markets. This device has a carrying capacity of 2.5 tons and is intended for multi-purpose rocket and artillery ships of a small displacement project 22800, "Karakurt". They are designed to conduct combat operations in a melee sea battle, as well as to perform various works in peacetime.

Development prospects
At the moment, a 4/5 crane is manufactured from Russian components. The sample presented was only the beginning in the upcoming active development in this segment of production. It is planned to release a whole line of such units, designed to perform the most diverse and serious tasks, including in the field of the oil and gas industry. First of all, to achieve this goal, the capacity of cranes will be increased: even if this is the first compact model, in the future it is planned to produce cranes, which will be able to overcome both 30 and 50 tons.

SBS LTD plans to continue its fruitful cooperation with the Bashkir plant Inman of the company Palfinger. Interaction with world experts in the field of the production of special equipment will allow domestic companies to quickly saturate the domestic and enter global markets. Tight cooperation is aimed at localizing production, accelerating integration processes in the business environment, improving the quality of products and the comfort of production staff.

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