Technical maintenance

"SBS" Ltd. is recognized by the classification societies, entried in Lloyd's Register of technical ship management.

  • has the certified personnel with great experience in service, ship repair and supply of the vessels in any place of the world.
  • Always strive to minimize costs of the ship owner in reliable maintenance of the ship work
  • organize quickly survey of the ship at any port

In order for the ship to operate successfully, it should regularly perform maintenance of shipboard equipment. These works, carried out for preventive purposes, include the performance of diagnostic and control, fasteners, lubricants, and other operations.


Service of the ship equipment, LTD SBSOur specialists will be able to perform for you the maintenance of lifting and rescue ship equipment both in complex and in partial form in the following areas:

  • control for compliance with the completeness stated in the technical documentation;
  • inspection at work and examination;

Without a thorough check of all the connections, the maintenance of the hydraulic systems of the cranes and the SPU of the vessels will be incomplete. In addition, it is very important to check tightness, integrity, and adjustment parameters.

Often, when servicing ships, it turns out that oil with an oil filter, as well as pipelines and other elements of ship systems, need to be replaced.

After completing an independent maintenance order for you, the specialists of SBS LTD will find and correct all the existing shortcomings, timely eliminating the likelihood of equipment failures and sanctions from regulatory authorities.

One of the most critical situations is the maintenance of ships at the beginning or end of the navigation period, which is set depending on the weather characteristics of the region. But in any case, MOT is a very laborious task, divided into several stages.

Advantages of cooperation with SBS

Employees of SBS LTD will perform for you the inspection of cranes and SPU Palfinger on ships of any type, in accordance with the procedures and technologies of the equipment manufacturer. The vessel will be ready to perform its tasks strictly within the stated time frame, at a favorable price, and with observance of the maximum level of quality. Once you have ordered work at SBS LTD, you no longer want to trust this task to other staff. Each work performed by our specialists indicates a high professional level of our specialists who have the necessary authorization. Preparation for sea and river flights is a serious event that can be entrusted only to trusted employees.

Individual approach to maintenance

Custom preventive monitoring of your ship's systems can be carried out on a pre-agreed schedule.

Modern navigation is extremely important. Ordering from us the services of an independent survey of ship equipment, you are guaranteed to avoid a lot of shortcomings that lead to financial losses, accidents or loss of life.

Opportunities for cooperation can be considered both with individuals and organizations. According to the terms of the contracts, each of our specialists is personally interested in the high quality of all ordered works.

Pay special attention to the fact that prices and range of services may vary. Therefore, we recommend specifying detailed information with the manager.

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