Everything for ships under construction - crane, deck, rescue equipment, galley furniture and much more

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At the present time SBS Ltd. takes part in new building programs on Russian shipyards, cooperates with leading design bureaus of Saint - Petersburg and Russian Federation, it is ready to provide a wide range of marine equipment for all ship systems including technical specifications and after-sales warranty service.

SBS Ltd. is an official representative and agent of the following companies in Russia:

Rudders and thrusters Van der Velden, Germany www.vdvelden.com Hydraulic deck cranes and crane-manipulatorsPalfinger systems GmbH, Austria www.palfingersystems.com

SBS Ltd. has a wide experience in deliveries of the following marine equipment:

  • Lifesaving equipment
  • Bilge water separators
  • Marine fans, systems of ventilation and air conditioning
  • Galley and laundry equipment
  • Deck equipment: capstans, windlasses, winches, hawses
  • Scuttles and windows
  • Marine furniture: passengers’ seats, navigators’ chairs, sofas, beds
  • All types of external / internal shipboard doors
  • Wall and ceiling panels
  • Wet units
  • Marine furniture
  • Bactericidal devices like BACT C (in ship modification)
  • Nonskid deck coatings
  • Wear-proof floor coatings

All the equipment is delivered according to producer’s sale prices on the agreed terms and certified by leading maritime classification societies and Russian maritime Register of Shipping as well.

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