Rescue boat: application features, purchase options and current information on parameters


People in distress on the water, rescued with the use of a rescue boat. Rescue equipment, called the term “boat on duty”, is installed on vessels of various types. Their list includes a lot of names, including:

Шлюпка дежурная для судна

- sea;

- river-sea type;

- freight;

- passenger;

- fishing;

- special;

- oil;

- chemical tankers;

- gas carriers;

- drilling rigs.

At the same time, the boat can be used not only in calm water, but also in a storm, which made it possible to save a lot of lives.

A standard duty boat made of waterproof materials can last for at least fifteen years and last for 30 days on the water. Depending on the configuration, the weight of the same boat may vary by 400 kilograms or more. At the same time it should be not less than 3, 8 and not more than 8.5 meters.

In addition, various modifications of boats can vary among themselves according to the number of crew members. During operation, it is necessary to strictly observe all precautionary measures, not allowing the recommended level of loads to be exceeded.

In order for people in distress to notice the boat at a considerable distance, materials of very bright color (for example, red or orange) are used to create the boats.

The structure of the craft includes a buoyancy chamber, divided into compartments with safety valves, the function of which is air intake. Using the slinging device, crew members will be able to quickly launch or, on the contrary, lift the boat. With the help of another part of the kit (awning) this rescue tool can be reliably protected from rain, snow, other precipitation, as well as from strong sun. In addition, the package often includes a cover that protects the boat from the effects of the atmosphere at a time when it is not needed. A bag with a supply can also be included in the kit, the contents of which can be obtained by contacting the managers.

The presence of a powerful outboard or stationary motor favorably distinguishes the rescue boat from ordinary rowing or sailing boats. Compared with them, it is much more mobile and stable.

Over time, the design features of the boats are optimized, making the latter much safer and easier to manage compared to the lifeboats of past years. A propeller nozzle, typical of modern boats, protects people and animals underwater from dangerous injuries.

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