Anchor Moorings


Anchors, raising and extending anchors, choosing mooring cables, as well as holding chains when anchoring the ship, occupy a special place in the design of the vessel. These devices include spiers and windshields. They function with a hydraulic or electric drive.

More details about spiers and windshields

1. Brashpil. Special mechanism on the deck, which carries out the anchor chain. It is based on a horizontal shaft on which chain sprockets are planted. Turs are installed on the same shaft - they allow you to pull the mooring lines. That turachki, pulling the rope, moor the ship to the pier. Most often windshields are equipped with an electric motor.

Windlass classification:

With cylindrical gear and worm front. Traction is given by one engine.
With bevel gear and gearbox. It is set in motion similarly, namely by one motor.
With two cylindrical gears and gearbox. In this case, the thrust is performed by two electric motors.
2. Spire. This mechanism performs similar operations as the windlass. Usually has a vertical shaft. With the help of the spire they select trawls and nets.

Spiers and windshields are somewhat different. And the main difference lies in the position of the shaft. At the spire shaft is placed in a vertical way. In addition, there is a difference in the number of stars and turachek - in the windlass they are represented by two units and are located symmetrically relative to each other. Due to such design features, the windlass can simultaneously work with two anchor chains.

Spire Classification:

Double-decker anchor-mooring connected. The gearbox and the engine in this case are installed (suspended) on the platform or deck a level below, where, directly, is placed the head of the spire.
Double-deck anchor connected. The placement of the motor and gearbox is similar to the first option. A spire of a connected type has an electric motor (most often), as well as heads and a common gearbox.
Single-deck anchor mooring single.
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