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For towing ships in the sea using special towing equipment. Its main components are a towing cable and various nuts and bits to fasten it to the ship's hull. Cables are most often made of steel.

Towing hooks in brief

Tow hook on a ship - buy from SBS.

Reliability - the main feature, which should have a towing hook. Breakage of the cable or unplanned recoil of the hook can lead to disastrous results when towing. This usually occurs due to stormy weather or equipment failures that are not identified on time. Hooks for hooks are usually made from solid billet by casting or forging. They must be foldable and have a special device for the recoil of the cable. Moreover, it should be controlled from at least two points: directly at the hook and from the navigation bridge. It is also desirable to have shock absorbers that can withstand loads of up to 130% of the pull force on the hook.

Straatman towing boat hook.

Safety of working with a towing hook - a priority task. Therefore, all employees must be familiar with safety and comply with the following requirements:

Not to be near a moving cable;
Do not release the cable by hand;
Underlay wooden cushions under the place of abrasion of the cable;
Do not change standard towing configuration
Straatman - official partner of SBS LTD
SBS LTD successfully sells the towing hooks of the Dutch company Straatman. It was founded back in 1902 in the city of Dordrecht, quickly becoming widely known in the field of supplies of equipment for the construction and repair of ships. For more than 50 years, the company has been manufacturing hydraulic presses, heavy winches and equipment for individual projects. The range has a full set of different towing and mooring hooks with quick recoil. They are characterized by high quality materials, durability and wear resistance. The minimum service life of towing hooks of this manufacturer is at least a quarter of a century.

You can purchase this product by contacting SBS LTD specialists by phone or email. Even if you have doubts in the choice, the specialists of the company will suggest the most optimal solutions for your type of equipment. The company is proud to cooperate with world leaders in the production of ship equipment and spare parts for it. Therefore, you can count on attentive attitude and complete mutual understanding with our parties.

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