Cleaning of drains


Wastewater treatment is a prerequisite for the operation of modern enterprises. The process involves a multi-stage activity of special treatment facilities, the purpose of which is to remove from the water pollution that fell into it during use in production. Due to the use of the process, water changes its characteristics and cannot be dumped back into the reservoir: river, lake or well. This is fraught with a local ecological disaster, because aquatic environment plays a crucial role in the ecosystem. In order to prevent, for example, the death of fish and plants, every enterprise must acquire special equipment and constantly clean the drains. This often becomes a major expense for production. The presence and proper operation of treatment facilities is monitored by state and non-state environmental services.

Очистка сточных вод

Modern wastewater treatment systems are quite effective and can minimize the damage to nature. The process of water purification is divided into several stages: mechanical, biological, physico-chemical and disinfection. The mechanical stage involves the preliminary removal of contaminants and the retention of insoluble impurities to prepare water for the biological stage. At the same time membrane technology is increasingly used. Then, at the stage of biological treatment, dissolved contaminants are removed. This is possible due to the action of special microorganisms, and earthworms are also used.

Today there are a lot of effective physicochemical methods for wastewater treatment: in particular, these are aeration, sorption, evapora tion, crystallization, and others. In this case, the water is purified from dissolved impurities and suspended substances, the sludge is dewatered. Disinfection of wastewater is necessary for their complete disinfection. After passing this stage of water purification can be “returned” to the reservoir. At this stage, special ultraviolet irradiation facilities, systems for treating with chlorine or other safer reagents, as well as ozonation are used.

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