Cleaning of drains


Access to quality drinking water is a fundamental factor in human well-being. It is no secret that every tenth person on Earth suffers from a shortage of fresh water (according to WHO). More than half of river waters are subject to various man-made pollution. A significant role in this is played by the discharge of sewage. At the same time, any marine vessel can also be a source of pollution. Therefore, the discharge of wastewater is regulated by law and can occur only at a certain distance from the coastal zone. In order to minimize risks, all vessels are equipped with special devices for wastewater treatment.

Marine wastewater treatment systems

Waste Ship Systems
The main function of wastewater treatment plants on ships is the collection, storage, processing and disposal of wastewater. They are formed primarily in toilets, as well as sinks, bathtubs, etc. Drainage systems are of the following types:

Collecting waste, which is then sent to the shore;

Processing wastes, which later also go ashore or overflow;

Recycling waste, which is then removed overboard.

The first option is possible on ships with a gross tonnage of 200 tons, the number of people (passengers and crew) should not exceed ten. In all other cases, you must select the appropriate type of treatment system.

Cleaning of drains
There are three methods of wastewater treatment:




According to the method of disinfection of wastewater, there are also three main types:



Ultrasonic irradiation.

The SBS company offers for the implementation of the installation for cleaning and desalination of water from leading global manufacturers. All products comply with GOST standards and international quality standards. If necessary, you can get advice from qualified specialists by leaving a request on the website or by phone.

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