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Loading and unloading operations of cargo ships are of great importance in the commercial, military and passenger fleet. Once vessels stood at the docks for months, unloading was provided only by loaders and primitive equipment. Crane-manipulators, which greatly facilitated this task, began to be produced en masse only in the beginning of the twentieth century. They then had a small carrying capacity, were unstable and worked with a mechanical drive.

Loader cranes today

Cranes - manipulators on the ship, Palfinger and INMAN from SBS

Today, many large companies are engaged in the production of this equipment. One of these is the Austrian concern Palfinger, which has a representative in Russia, SBS. In September 2017, this company took part in the international exhibition Platformers' Days, held in Germany. For several days, the world's leading brands in this area met and demonstrated their achievements at one site. Palfinger presented the latest models of lifting equipment, which will soon become available to SBS customers.

t many things depend on the correct operation of the crane-manipulators and their operators: the integrity and safety of cargoes, the observance of deadlines, the safety of others. Therefore, it is important to use only reliable and high-quality models of this special equipment, global manufacturers. Ship equipment should also be corrosion resistant and be as stable as possible.

Professionalism and quality - the key to success
On ships of various purposes, deck cranes with a turning mechanism, most often with a variable boom, are the most popular. Even if there is no loading complex at the port of arrival, these machines will easily cope with the task. It should be noted that their design is quite simple, and the ability to move cargo vertically allows you to work even through fencing (for example, fencing).

The design of this type of special equipment also allows for emergency and rescue work: lifting from the depth of sunken objects, etc. Also, if necessary, with the help of the boat, lifeboats are lowered onto the water. Even under such severe weather conditions as rolling, strong wind, precipitation, they must remain stable and perform their functions at 100%. If you have any difficulties with the choice of a crane-manipulator - contact the specialists of SBS for advice.

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