Cranes manipulators for ship unloading


Ship cranes are used to move different types of cargo in the horizontal and vertical plane. Structural elements of such a crane is a winch, boom and mast. Lifting boom attached to the mast with special hinges. The latter is supported by a topenant (single or twin) - it is stretched between the arrow's hole and, in fact, the mast.

Operational features

The crane - crane rotates around its axis and changes the boom reach. The load capacity of such installations can reach up to 30 tons, and boom reach is up to 20 meters. In some cases, cranes are mounted on special platforms, which improves the characteristics of maneuverability and cargo lift.

Electro-hydraulic machines are among the most effective of the entire product range. These cranes are used even on military vessels. And the degree of freedom allows to solve the widest range of tasks in cramped conditions. Lowering / lifting with turns / tilts can be done at the same time!

Palfinger crane manipulator

SBS is the official supplier of Austrian-made ship equipment - PALFINGER. Under this brand, perfect deck products are produced, where unique technological solutions are joined together. Crane manipulators (CMU) Palfinger in the world are very popular, due to their unsurpassed technical and operational characteristics: kinematic abilities, boom, maneuverability, reliability and performance. Separately, it should be noted a great combination of mass and dimensions with power. These installations showed themselves brilliantly in the limited places.

A huge choice of attachments allows you to successfully cope with cargoes of various purposes and types, be it shipping containers, bulk materials, wood, metal or ordinary garbage. Thanks to all the above-mentioned features, CMU PALFINGER remains number one in Russia: they have demonstrated their excellent abilities in the gas and oil fields under enormous loads and harsh climates.

The SBS company is committed to quality, therefore we supply exclusively high-tech equipment from leading world manufacturers!

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