Deck equipment and accessories


Under deck equipment means mechanisms, without which the normal functioning of the vessel is not possible. This category includes all kinds of lifeboats, winches (trap, anchor, cable, mooring lines), rescue equipment, hydraulic cranes and much more.

Ship equipment is selected individually for each type of ship. Much depends on the conditions and range of the vessel, the wishes of the owner and designer, as well as the purpose of the vessel.

The SBS company offers deck equipment in the widest range. We can find and purchase equipment produced by leading companies and advanced maritime states.

How to pick up ship equipment?

Rope. This is the most common element, without which it is impossible to imagine any ship, even the smallest.

Cranes. The market offers lifting equipment of various capacities, with a variety of boom reach and other parameters. Cranes are electric and hydraulic. Much depends on the purpose of the swimming means.

Lighting. Modern ships are equipped with numerous lighting fixtures, ranging from conventional searchlights and ending with navigation devices and signal lights. The choice of the type of lighting, as in the previous cases, directly depends on the dimensions of the ship and its special purpose.

Anchor. The selection depends on the type of soils where the ship goes. It is for this reason that various modifications of anchors - Hall, Matrosov, Admiralty and others - can be operated simultaneously.

As a conclusion, it is necessary to say that any deck equipment must strictly comply with international standards, as well as comply with the size and type of the craft.

Pulkovskoe shosse, 40-4, lit. A, of. 8080

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