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Palfinger - concern from Austria, which is a leader in the production of crane-manipulators. Such systems are used everywhere - for transportation, loading and unloading of various goods. CMU received widespread use on river and sea vessels, where they impeccably cope with cargo-loading measures.

The Palfinger company was created in the 1930s. For 90 years, the Palfinger crane has been at the forefront of equipment transportation. With their help, absolutely any manipulations are carried out under all kinds of conditions.

What are good for CMU Palfinger?

Откройте для себя краны Palfinger

These are relatively small installations, with significant boom reach and significant cargo lift. They are easily mounted on wheeled vehicles and on vessels for various purposes - these are universal systems. In addition, the crane Palfinger is complemented by auxiliary equipment, thereby expanding the functionality and range of tasks performed.

The main advantages:

maneuverability (can be used in cramped conditions);
durability and wear resistance (the equipment will last for a long time even in harsh conditions and low temperatures);
reliability of operation (corrosion protection);
safety (systems are provided to ensure the safety of personnel work);
affordable cost (CMU Palfinger pays off in less than a year and a half);
universality (functions of loading and transportation are combined);
accuracy of movement of cargo.
Due to the above-mentioned technical and operational qualities, crane-manipulator units can be met when performing landscape works, in ports, on ships, in the agricultural sphere, in the public utilities, in the construction industry.

SBS is the official representative of the Austrian manufacturer Palfinger. It seems possible to purchase cranes in our wide range from us:

light duty - up to 1 ton;
light systems - from 1 to 10 tons;
average equipment - up to 10 tons;
heavy cranes - from 10 tons.
Buy cranes Palfinger, you can be sure of the effectiveness and efficiency of the equipment. In addition to the cranes themselves, we supply spare parts and consumables, as well as provide service support.

Pulkovskoe shosse, 40-4, lit. A, of. 8080

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