Duty boat - a necessary element of the ship


Rescue boat to your ship

How often do critical situations happen at sea when a person is out? If the ship is attacked by squally wind, storm, hurricane - such incidents are not uncommon. In time to come to the rescue of the victim, found in the water or fallen from the deck, on each vessel set the duty boat. Standards of boats on duty. Maritime shipping rules clearly define the parameters, compliance with which guarantees the safety of operations. Even the length of time taken by the descent and landing of people is strictly regulated: If the incident occurred on a freighter - 10 minutes; On passenger and fishing vessels - half an hour. Launching can be done by simply dropping from the deck or using special mechanical devices. Regardless of in what conditions and circumstances the boat will be used, it must have the following qualities:

Even when water gets inside the boat and is full of people, to maintain buoyancy and stability on the surface of the water;

In case of accidental tipping, be able to self-heal to the position without trim;

Propeller must be well protected from impact;

Orange is the only color allowed for coloring;

You must have a supply of fuel to work.

At observance of all these requirements the boats on duty can be used according to their immediate purpose.

Regular on-board technical inspection and assessment of the state of the rescue equipment should be carried out in order to avoid catastrophic consequences in unforeseen circumstances.

Requirements for equipment boats on duty.
The International Convention SOLAS-74 approved a legal act regulating the equipping of lifeboats with additional rescue tools. Among them: a powerful flashlight, additional paddles, two supporting hooks, a falin, an ax, means for signaling, a supply of drinking water and supplies for each supposed rescued and many other valuable things. Thus, rescue on water is now technically thought out and safe for both sides of the process.

Pulkovskoe shosse, 40-4, lit. A, of. 8080

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