Duty boat, types and uses


Being ready for emergency situations is the main task of the crew of any vessel, from large to small. The signal: “Man overboard!” Always sounds unexpected. In a well-coordinated team, he does not cause panic, but a clear following of instructions. Naturally, the ship must be equipped with all the necessary equipment, and the lifeboat is one of the most important attributes.

SBS lifeboats and rescue boats for your vessel

Purpose of boats
Previously for the same purpose was used the use of lifeboats. They were lowered into the water if necessary. However, this method is not productive: the descent took precious time during which the drowning man could die. In cold water, every second is valuable: even at a temperature of +22 ° in just four minutes a person loses as many calories as if he were on land in an hour. At lower rates, from 0 ° to 5 °, unprepared people die within fifteen minutes.

The lifeboat is able to go down in a matter of minutes. At full load, it maintains stability and buoyancy. Her task is to ensure the performance of work on the water by the crew.

Key Features
According to accepted standards, this type of lifeboat must fully comply with the following requirements:

Even in the case of ingestion of fluid to maintain buoyancy and stability;

When a coup, independently climb an even keel;

To be controlled from the cabin remotely;

Coloring - strictly orange with retroreflective elements;

Internal combustion engine, flammable by compression;

Before descending, the engine should work for about five minutes;

Six knots - the minimum speed of movement of the boat filled with people, a day - the minimum fuel capacity.

Air boxes (special chambers filled with air or foam) ensure that people are above the water when the boat is fully immersed in water. Based on its dimensions, their volume is calculated in advance.

The main characteristics of the boat are put in the nose section: the capacity of the boat, its dimensions, the name of the vessel, the port of registry and the number. At the same time paint is applied resistant to sea water.

The SBS company represents a large assortment of boats on duty, the use of which is possible for different vessels and in various conditions. All presented products have the necessary qualities for carrying out reliable and fast rescue operations, they are also certified by documents of classification societies and preliminary factory tests.

Pulkovskoe shosse, 40-4, lit. A, of. 8080

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