Galley equipment


A galley is a special room on the ship where food is prepared for the crew members and passengers. A man in the sea needs a wholesome healthy and tasty food, so the galley should be equipped accordingly, namely with modern equipment.

Galley equipment is the same familiar to us all stoves, refrigerators, cutting tables. Everyone can see all of the above in any cafeteria and restaurant. However, refrigeration and heating equipment designed for ships, has its own characteristics - it is specially designed for use in pitching conditions. Cooking in the open sea with strong waves is not just uncomfortable and inconvenient, but also dangerous to health. A ship cook may pour boiling water, burn yourself and drop the dish on the floor.

Galley equipment must be reliable and durable. For example, cookers are made with recessed hobs, doors in the cabinets are protected from spontaneous opening. Usually, all equipment is made of stainless steel, which has excellent technical and operational characteristics.

Refrigeration equipment

Products need to be saved until the next port, and it may not be close at all. The modern market offers the widest range of refrigerators for galleys with various functions, various formats, various sizes and manufacturers.

Galley furniture

This group is represented by tables, shelves, shelves, bathrooms, cutting boards and other devices.


Cookers are the basis of any kitchen. This category also includes pasta cookers, cooking pots, grills, pans, all kinds of surfaces for frying food, fryers.

Bakery and confectionery equipment

Bakery, confectionery, pizza - all this is prepared in ship galleys. Manufacturers offer a range of furnaces that differ in functionality, size and type. Some ovens are equipped with self-cleaning capability. Such devices can cope with the preparation of a large number of products in one cycle.

Electromechanical galley equipment

This category includes cutters, kitchen processors, powerful meat grinders, coffee grinders, multi-purpose mixers, dough mixers, high-performance vegetable cutters and many other types of electromechanical equipment.

The SBS company offers exclusively high-quality and reliable machines and devices for the galley - we can find everything!

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