Here are the fenders for any ships!


To ensure the safety of ships and vessels, fenders are effectively used. Their floating type softens the effect of contact between the sides in the process of mutual mooring.

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In the device of each fender there are three or four cylinders of rubberized fabric, characterized by a high degree of resistance to deformation. These devices are connected using rigging chains. Only products that meet all the requirements for operation are offered for purchase:

- without cracking and exposing the fabric,

- with reliable protection of steel parts in the form of electroplating.

Nipple, as well as other important components can be protected by applying effective technological solutions at various levels.

The design of the rigging of a special fender, except for cylinders and an axial chain, includes fights connecting cylinders with an axial chain, steel cables, swivels, and also fenders of auxiliary type (side). The rigging chains at the contact points are usually connected with brackets. However, only a high level of quality of all components will ensure the safety of the system as a whole.

For onboard fenders, a typical application is considered to be the side protection of a ship from impact, including at a right angle or at values ​​close to this parameter. Another area of ​​operation - parking at the side with large breakup in conditions of strong rolling.

With all its gravity and bulkiness, the side fenders installed both near the superstructures and on the bow of the ship, both earlier and now are considered an indispensable means of ensuring security.

Cables used to interact with the side fenders must be steel and flexible.

For ships that are floating bases, in preparation for the transition to another area, it is necessary to rise to the deck of fenders of floating type, and their suspended version is attached along the side so that the water does not touch even their lower part.

With a certain level of skill and knowledge of the relevant technologies, all suspended fenders can be put into operation in a five-minute period, including when you are in the open sea.

You can always find out about all the trends in equipment designed for operation in the conditions of a given water area by contacting the staff of the information service of this site.

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