Here cranes-manipulators (CMU) from the Austrian concern Palfinger are available for purchase.


We offer to purchase cranes-manipulators (CMU) from the Austrian concern Palfinger - one of the world's leading manufacturers of equipment in this area. The efficient, multifunctional Palfinger manipulator will delight you with a high level of maneuverability, as well as an impressive array of features.

Информация о Palfinger. Манипулятор Palfinger. Palfinger купить. Здесь - на palfinger цены.

You can Palfinger buy in order to

apply it:

- during loading or unloading;

- facilitate the transport of bulky goods;

- optimize construction, repair activities;

Prices for certain Palfinger systems can vary significantly among themselves, depending on the operating characteristics of the installations.

In order to avoid misunderstandings, it is recommended in dialogue with the manager to mention the exact digital indicators of performance and reliability that you require.

The systems mentioned may be small, medium and heavy. Details can be found by referring to the special literature or to our specialists.

In addition to the Palfinger manipulators themselves, you can order from us and additional equipment to them:

- replaceable grabs;

- cradles;

- other add-ons of your choice.

PULFINGER is a system that fully corresponds to the investment. Spare parts, consumables and other support will be provided to you in full.

According to the operating experience of all cranes Palfinger, all components of these systems are very resistant to wear (including - in very aggressive environments).

PULFINGER is not only manipulators, but also hook loading systems, tail lift and forklifts.

The company was established back in 1932, and for more than eighty years it has been successfully implementing its products around the world, while taking advantage of the well-deserved respect from customers and representatives of companies of any level.

One of the most notable indicators of manipulators of this brand:

- significant boom reach and ability to lift large loads with very compact dimensions of the system itself;

- maneuverability;

- as well as good compatibility with both domestic and foreign technologies.

Sudden temperature drops typical for the Russian Federation will cause absolutely no harm to the systems acquired from us.

Investments in the manipulator usually pay off for the period from several months to a year.

Pulkovskoe shosse, 40-4, lit. A, of. 8080

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