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SBS company offers a wide range of ship cranes from various manufacturers. Today it is one of the most sought-after positions in the market of cargo machinery. It does not matter what lifting and unloading equipment is in the ports. All ships should be equipped with modern cranes, booms and other lifting equipment, which ensures their independence from the conditions of the port. Thus, the ship becomes independent of external conditions, it allows you to quickly perform loading and unloading. There are also situations when it is necessary to transfer cargo from a sea vessel to a river one. With this operation, difficulties may arise since the boom reach of the port cranes is often less than necessary.

general information
Ship's crane is usually installed on the deck. This is a fixed device. They can work with any piece or bulk cargo, and the weight of the crane should be as minimal as possible. Work on the movement of goods with a strong rolling is not carried out.

In general, ship cranes call a set of devices that may vary depending on the destination. The main types of today are:

Cargo crane with boom - consists of a column for boom support and the boom itself;

The cargo boom can be light (up to 10 tons) and heavy (more than 10 tons);

Cargo cranes can have a load capacity from 0.5 to 150 tons. Compared with booms, they have smaller dimensions, they work faster, they can rotate 360 ​​degrees around their axes.

Palfinger hydraulic ship crane

SBS - supplier of ship cranes from the best manufacturers.
One of the leaders in the global production of ship cranes is the Austrian concern PALFINGER. Its activity has more than one decade, and products are considered one of the highest quality. It fully complies with international standards and has the necessary certificates.

In the range of this company dozens of crane configurations. At the same time, 80% of the volume of the Russian market of ship cranes for the Navy is occupied by this particular brand. So, choosing cooperation with SBS, you get guaranteed reliability and high performance. If you have any questions related to the acquisition of ship cranes, please contact the managers of the company. You will be provided with the most accurate information about the product and will help you make the right choice.

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