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Equipment for ships is not always technically difficult. Often we do not even think about such things until the need arises to equip them with their own boat or yacht. One of these indispensable and inconspicuous devices can be called fenders - a special gasket that is necessary to protect the sides of the vessel from damage during mooring.

Fender Features
Simply put, fenders perform a cushioning function. They are not afraid of changes in shape, sunlight and aggressive environmental influences. They possess elasticity, energy intensity and resistance to oil products and other substances.

The following types of fenders are distinguished:

Shock absorbing: elastic and pneumatic;

Качественные кранцы от производителя!

Pneumatic fenders are also chamber and tubeless. Icebreakers and tugboats are equipped with permanent fenders, as they constantly interact with other ships. All other boats usually have enough temporary fenders, which are used only during the mooring process.

Some fenders are lowered into the water, and some are installed on the bow or sides of the vessel. Their number depends on the size of the vessel.

Fenders from “SBS”
Considering that the safety and integrity of the ship's hull depends on the quality of these devices, it is worthwhile to seriously consider their choice. You should not chase for extremely low prices: if at the crucial moment it turns out that the fenders are not of sufficient quality, you will definitely pay more for the repair of the vessel. Do not save on the number of fenders: they should be exactly as much as the security requirements. Once a year you need to check the technical condition of existing fenders: check the pressure, which should be at least 0.15 Bar. But even pumped fenders can easily be deformed and burst when interacting with another surface.

SBS Company cooperates with reliable suppliers and manufacturers of fenders. All products sold have the necessary certificates and technical documentation. We have a responsible approach to the choice of partners, which means you can be sure of the quality of the goods being purchased. If you have questions, our experts will help you make a choice. “SBS” is the right choice in any conditions!

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