The SBS company offers high quality galley equipment.


Galley equipment by the individual order

Компания «СБС» предлагает высококлассное камбузное оборудование

Without galley equipment, no vessel can be imagined, regardless of its purpose. If we consider a cruise liner, then such equipment directly characterizes the quality of restaurant service.

SBS is pleased to offer high-quality installations for a galley of any type and format. In addition to the sale and supply of equipment, we are ready to take on our shoulders the services of designing a modern galley and any other organizational tasks.

We have a wide range of galley equipment in our range, including:

vegetable cutters;
meat grinders;
refrigerators and freezers;
food kettles,
steam convection ovens.
SBS Company supplies equipment that meets hygienic requirements, quality standards and standards of safe operation. And, of course, ergonomics and usability on the ship are always taken into account.

Refrigeration systems

It is not uncommon for a ship to go offshore for a long time, so you should worry about an adequate supply of food. And most importantly, they should remain edible for a long time. The task of preserving food is excellent for galley freezing and refrigeration equipment, which is extensively presented in our catalog. These are products with a variety of functions and various dimensions.

Bakery Equipment
Professional bakery and pastry devices designed for ships are characterized by increased reliability, durability and compactness. Here you will find separate and comprehensive solutions for the preparation of various confectionery, bakery products, pizza.

Coffee making equipment
The range includes classic and exclusive models that differ in design, feature set, performance, design features and, of course, the technology of making coffee. But we can say with confidence that all the proposed positions of coffee makers will last as long as possible without loss of the initial technical and operational qualities.

Thermal galley equipment
Cooking stove is the basis of any kitchen, even on a ship. In addition to stoves, heat installations include pasta cookers, various cooking pots, grills, frying surfaces, fryers, microwave ovens, pans, and also pro-ovens. Among the variety of caboose products, you can find tables, racks, washing baths and other types of neutral equipment in the catalog.

Pulkovskoe shosse, 40-4, lit. A, of. 8080

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