Tama: Successfully passed the tests and is preparing for shipment to the customer a crane Palfinger DKF1600 with a lifting capacity of 70 tons.

Кран-манипулятор PALFINGER

Crane-manipulator “PALFINGER” (PALFINGER) DKF1600 with a lifting capacity of 70 tons has been successfully tested and is being prepared for shipment to the customer. Both static and dynamic tests were carried out, as well as the most important structural elements (fuses, brakes, control systems, alarms and lighting, electrical equipment, etc.) were tested thoroughly. CMU PALFINGER DKF1600 was marked by experts with a high score.

A crane-manipulator (CMU) is a truck that is efficient and manoeuvrable and can be used for loading, unloading, as well as cargo transportation. For example, these cranes are used to evacuate cars.

The company PALFINGER is a global manufacturer of mobile lifting equipment that can be used on land and at sea: these are crane cranes, hydraulic manipulators, hook loading systems, high-tech railway systems and so on. PALFINGER is a recognized leader in the field of lifting innovation. Brand products are practical, reliable and effective. Additional advantages of the company are a wide network of service centers and a stable market position. The PALFINGER technical support departments provide warranty and post-warranty service for all equipment. Services can be provided directly by PALFINGER or authorized service partners.

Crane manipulators PALFINGER - a high degree of maneuverability, accuracy, reliability, durability, the possibility of long-term use in various conditions. Possible resale installation at a high cost. There are cranes of different carrying capacity: from small (up to 1000 kg) to heavy (more than 10 tons). Load capacity is not the only factor affecting the cost of construction. It also depends on the presence or absence of additional equipment: for example, load grippers, devices for remote control, cradles, etc.

Pulkovskoe shosse, 40-4, lit. A, of. 8080

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