LTD SBS offers cranes ship from the Austrian producer Palfinger


Cargo lifting mechanisms

ООО СБС предлагает краны судовые от австрийского производителя Палфингер

Cargo ship installations are used for loading and unloading operations in ports and on the roads. This is a powerful deck equipment with which it is possible to cope with large volumes of piece goods.

SBS is a rapidly growing company that supplies modern ship cranes Palfinger (Austria) for a wide variety of vessels. Our cranes are able to cope with the tasks assigned to them in difficult climatic conditions, in hazardous areas and in different sea conditions.

Hydraulic ship cranes from the Austrian manufacturer have proven themselves to be the best. They have impeccable quality, performance and reliability.

What is a hydraulic ship crane?
These are specialized mechanisms that are used for unloading and loading ships in ports. The main distinguishing feature is maneuverability, compactness. These qualities allow you to successfully use cranes in cramped conditions.

Modern lifting ship cranes are characterized by a wide range of performance and power. They constructively consist of:

the bases in the form of a column;
cargo winch;
booms with hydraulic cylinders;
built-in overload protection unit, may have an explosion-proof design (some taps are equipped with additional auxiliary systems).
Boom cranes are of several types - box-shaped telescopic and one-piece box-shaped.

Ship crane with folding boom. A distinctive feature is the presence of an arrow, which, if necessary, can be folded in half. This compact and flexible crane allows you to save space. Most often such cranes are operated on merchant ships of average displacement and in port areas.

With retractable telescopic boom. Ideal for working in cramped conditions. The arrow consists of several sections that extend one from the other.

With straight stiff boom. Reliable, high-performance and easy-to-manage systems that are widely used in ports and on ships. The crane is able to make a full turn around its axis - 360 degrees.

Pulkovskoe shosse, 40-4, lit. A, of. 8080

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