Mooring fender (ship)


Кранец швартовый (судовой).

During numerous journeys, the bottom and sides of the vessel for any destination are subject to considerable loads. In addition, in the process of mooring, the hull hits the berth, and if towed, a collision may occur with another vessel. To prevent damages associated with this, there is a special device - a mooring fender (shipboard). It distributes the load force over a large area, thereby protecting the hull of the vessel from damage.

Device classification

There are several variations of this device. They have one essence: to transform the impact energy so that it is distributed and does not damage the hull structure.

Shock absorbing: pneumatic and elastic fenders. They are chamber or tubeless, whose rubber casing is reinforced with metal or synthetic materials. In the presence of a chamber, the outer shell is made of rubber, another one is located inside, sealing;
Damping: gas and hydraulic;
Combined, combining the characteristics of several of the above.
Fenders are used for large military, passenger or merchant ships, as well as for ships of small displacement. Icebreakers and tugs are usually equipped with permanent bump stops at the bow and rear of the vessel, while others use temporary fenders.

How to choose the right mooring fender
On the issue of buying this product must be approached with all responsibility. Its quality ensures the safety of the vessel. It is necessary to proceed from the size of the vessel, its weight and the conditions in which it will moor. Side fenders are most often cylindrical or spherical. They are usually installed every two and a half meters along the sides, in an amount of not less than 6. The length of the fender should be about 2/3 of the height of the side above the water.

Do not forget to carry out maintenance work: at least once a year to check the level of pressure inside. It should be at least 0.15 Bar at a temperature of + 20 °. At the same time try not to pump fenders: at high temperatures, they may begin to swell and lose shape. Be sure to pay attention to the recommendations of the manufacturers of your boats.

To choose the right fender for your vessel, contact the specialists of SBS LTD. Professional help is a guarantee of quality purchase that will serve for a long time.

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