Murmansk. Cargo Port



SBS Company closely cooperates with shipbuilding enterprises and factories of the city of Murmansk and the Kola Territory. We are engaged in the sale, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Austrian-made Palfinger loader cranes throughout the Russian Federation, including the North-West region. We are the official dealer.

The Murmansk seaport today is the main northern gate of the Russian Federation. It was thanks to the founding of the port that the city of Murmansk was formed and, in general, the region began to develop. During his more than a century-long history, he has achieved high rates, constantly increasing his turnover and continues further development, increasing his potential.

SBS Company works with the following shipbuilding and repair plants in the northern region:

  • Sevmash;
  • “82nd Shipyard”;
  • “CA Zvezdochka” and its branches;
  • “Murmansk Marine Fleet Plant”.

CMU - discover the perfect world of Palfinger

The Austrian concern is leading in the development and production of industrial lifting equipment, which has found application in the following industries

  • waste management;
  • harvesting and processing of timber;
  • oil and gas sector;
  • electrical network;
  • utilities;
  • building;
  • and logistics (sea and river ports, other transport hubs).

Under the brand name Palfinger produced the widest range of articulated and cable-mounted crane and manipulator.

All lifting equipment undergoes multi-level quality control. In the production, exclusively wear-resistant components and materials are used, which allows this equipment to be operated in the harsh conditions of a storm wind, subzero temperature, and a rough sea. The introduction of innovative technologies allows us to offer the end user reliable and durable systems. The equipment is constantly being upgraded, so you can pick up such cranes that fully meet the requirements.

Austrian products have all the necessary documentation, certificates, quality assurance. Full service support is provided during operation.


Pulkovskoe shosse, 40-4, lit. A, of. 8080

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