On the benefits, features of the application and opportunities for the acquisition of lifeboats


The history of the modification of boats has more than one hundred years. At the same time, there are many cases when ships were in distress, and there were no suitable floating craft for the crew and passengers. As a result, in order to prevent such troubles, a lifeboat entered the life of the sailors. Thanks to its presence, ship crew members and passengers will be able to feel safe even on the high seas, completely losing contact with the main ship. Each new generation of these reliable means of salvation favorably differs from the previous one.

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The navigation area, the type of vessel and the number of people allowed to carry greatly influence how many lifeboats should be located on board.

On any of the watercraft, the navigation area of ​​which is unlimited, the boats should be placed in such quantity that the entire crew could be placed on them from each side. For passenger ships, the total capacity of the boats must be at least half the number of crew plus passengers on each side.

Both open and closed lifeboats should be stable, maneuverable, and visible from afar due to bright colors and light reflecting materials.

Completely flooded boat will ensure that the heads of people above the surface of the water. The engine is capable of providing speed in quiet weather conditions of at least six knots and with a fuel reserve of at least one day of non-stop operation.

You can find out how many passengers the rescue boat can accommodate, what sizes it has, the ship's number, as well as information about the port of registry and the name of the vessel by reading about it on its bow.

You can learn about all the conditions for the purchase, delivery, operation and installation of lifeboats and other critical ship equipment by contacting the managers of SBS LTD via these contacts. Do not forget that the responsible preparation for swimming in a particular water area is largely the key to its successful completion. Therefore, to enlist the support of a reliable company that is always able to provide high-quality equipment of the appropriate type will never hurt.

A special nuance is the scope of the systems being operated. For example, a rescue boat for an oil tanker, in addition to the components listed above, should have a special design, as well as powerful irrigation and compressed air supply systems.

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