Our new partner G. Baglietto Naval Steel


We are proudly introducing our new partner on the Russian market

New partner of SBS company - G. Baglietto Naval Steel

one of the leading European Suppliers of Steel and Aluminium to the Shipbuilding, Ship Repair & Yacht industry, with an experience of more than 35 years in the field.

We keep  as well a stock of Aluminium plates in Marine Grade 5083 H321 / 111,  already tested and certified by LRS, ABS and RINA.


G. BAGLIETTO can also provide the program  "YOUR HULL IN KIT FORM"  consisting of the complete supply of plates and profiles tested, blasted and primed, plasma cut, formed, bent and marked and ready for shipment to Customers to immediately enter the production assembly line.Moreover, steel preparation and sub-assemblies level A and B.


The benefits of the shipyards, while adopting  "Your Hull in Kit Form"  program are the following : 

  • saving unsheltered areas, plants and relative maintenance costs, for stocking plates and profiles
  • saving handling costs from stockpiling to the production line
  • saving sheltered areas to in tall Blasting & Priming plant and Plasma Cutting plant with connected maintenance costs
  • saving transport costs by paying only the net weight of shipped materials
  • zero risk of cutting and manufacturing errors, being the whole risk at Supplier's charge
  • zero risk of primer decay as material is blasted & primed just before the cutting process, then stored under shelter
  • optimization of yard production cycle as materials are delivered according to the proceeding of Yard Production Plan
  • traceability of certificates related to even smallest individual piece
  • cutting down the delivery time to less than 1 month by sorting materials out of the warehouse and taking advantage of our Engineering Department to adapt the nesting to the size of plates available in stock
  • big savings in assembling time: in the construction of one block the time to prepare

sub-assemblies is more than the 50%. We are able to deliver sub assemblies just in time according to the schedule of the shipyard together with other materials referring to the same block

  • increase of Yard production flexibility, being able to face production peaks at no extra charge

For further information, please visit our website  www.bagliettosas.it but we would like to meet you to provide you with more details on our services.

Pulkovskoe shosse, 40-4, lit. A, of. 8080

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