Palfinger's newest loader cranes


Palfinger is an Austrian concern that today is considered to be the leader in the design and manufacture of lifting equipment, in particular, the CMU (crane-manipulator).

The SBS company directly cooperates with the Austrian manufacturer, offering the widest range of models of cable, articulated hydraulic machines. Do you want to buy a crane manipulator? You have come to the right address: here you will find what you need.

Why if the taps, then Palfinger?

Новейшие краны-манипуляторы от Palfinger

Austrian brand CMUs are characterized by impeccable technical and operational performance:

maneuverability (various manipulations with cargoes are possible with limited space);
safety (thanks to a well-thought-out multi-level security system, the personnel and the operator are not at risk);
versatility (various variations of load seizures are available);
performance (power, functionality);
autonomy (remote control systems are provided);
durability (cranes perfectly cope with their direct tasks even in arctic latitudes and with strong seas.)
Crane-manipulators are distinguished by their accuracy of movement; therefore, nothing threatens expensive equipment, fragile and loose cargo.

Wide range
The SBS company is ready to put the load-lifting equipment in the widest range. We have CMU with various parameters. Low, medium and high payload machines are available. The choice of equipment depends on the nature of the activities carried out, type, size and weight of goods. The acquisition of additional equipment, expanding opportunities, not a problem. In the presence of various cargo grippers, safety and control devices, cradles.

In addition to high-quality crane-manipulator, we offer full technical support. We will provide comprehensive information on each model. We also deliver components and consumables.

The capabilities of this ship equipment have been proven by many years of practice. Therefore, to buy a crane manipulator Palfinger - this means to get a reliable partner in the long term.

Pulkovskoe shosse, 40-4, lit. A, of. 8080

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