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Electro-hydraulic crane

ООО СБС предлагает краны судовые от австрийского производителя Палфингер

Cargo ship cranes are characterized by increased performance, reliability and maneuverability compared to conventional booms. Modern industry offers a variety of cranes - stationary and mobile, gantry, boom and bridge. Electro-hydraulic and electric drives are installed on them.

Most often on domestic vessels (rescue, fishing and other) mounted electro-hydraulic installation, which is regulated by departure, lift and turn the boom. These are practical high-performance mechanisms, which effectively cope with large-sized loads of large mass.

Design features
The electro-hydraulic crane can be equipped with special drives that control the ship’s pitching, leveling overloads at sea roughness up to four points. The boom is made of a closed box-type profile. The cabin also closes, usually it is located on one side of the crane. In the cabin there is a control panel with the help of which the operator performs lifting operations. All equipment is installed in a closed case. Such systems are used on ships of any modifications and with an unlimited navigation area for handling special cargoes, as well as general cargoes. They are suitable for performing tasks in difficult climatic conditions. There are models whose carrying capacity reaches up to 150 tons. This is a highly reliable installation.

What do we offer?
SBS Company sells powerful and reliable electro-hydraulic cranes from leading global manufacturers, such as Palfinger. This is an Austrian brand that specializes in the development, design and supply of marine equipment of various types.

Our experienced specialists will select the most suitable cargo installation for your needs and, if necessary, retrofit it. We are engaged in equipment vessels of any displacement and destination - from military to fishing and passenger.

If you want to consider the possibility of acquiring, installing and commissioning an electro-hydraulic crane, then you have come to the right place. We offer a full range of services.

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