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SPU (ship tripping devices) call a special category of equipment that is put on ships of various types. Its main functions are the descent and ascent of all kinds of objects.

Спуско-подъемное устройства на судно

Now SPU is very diverse both in terms of technological features and in the types of cargo with which it is envisaged to interact.

Regular ship-lifting equipment is considered to be mechanisms with a deck jib crane, which have an A or P-shaped winch. They provide safety both during descent and when lifting expensive devices intended for work under water.

Typical ship triggers consist of a remote carrier beam, swing frame, levers, deck foundation. They also include:

- rods related to cargo hydraulic cylinders;

- spacer thrust;

- hydraulic shock absorbers;

- frame;

- captures;

- cargo.

One of the most economical solutions is fast, simplified and not very massive SPU with articulated and pairwise symmetrical pivot levers.

Due to a number of design features (additional booms for carrying cargo, hydrodynamic winches), some SPUs can work with cargoes located at a depth of six kilometers.

Спуско-подъемное устройства от производителя

Activities in commerce, industry, science, and a number of other areas at the present level of development are sometimes simply unthinkable without the possibilities of applying SPU.

One of the most interesting areas is underwater archeology. By acquiring and successfully operating launching and lifting devices, many get direct access to the secret riches of the river, lake, sea or ocean floor. In addition, these will be useful in the rise and subsequent study of not only antiquities, but also more recently, sunken types of machinery, mechanisms, and other items. The most appropriate areas for this are rescue and law enforcement (when studying items raised from the bottom as evidence).

SPU of universal type can interact with different loads. To do this, their design provides for the possibility of installing just such equipment for the seizure of goods, the operational characteristics of which are fully suitable for the performance of a particular task (or list of tasks). More information about all the options for the acquisition and operation can be found out by contacting the managers of this information resource.

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