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Lifeboats are included in the mandatory supply of any vessel. Their task is to be always ready, if an extraordinary situation occurs: a catastrophe on a ship, a person falling overboard, the need to quickly ship a small load from one ship to another. Based on the design features of the vessel on which such a boat will be installed, it is also chosen to modify it.

Types of boats

SBS ship lifeboat

The classification of boats is carried out mainly by type of movement. So, they are divided into:



Rowing sailing;

Rowing motor sailing.

Based on their names, it is easy to understand how the boat is actuated. It also practices separation according to the type of assignment, the materials used, the number of oars and screws.

Lifeboats currently can only be motorized and equipped with special compartments filled with foam. Even if water gets inside such a boat and at the same time it will be filled with people, people's heads will be above the water level. This is a necessary requirement for lifeboats.

On each side of the ship should be located such a number of boats that can accommodate the entire crew and passengers (if it is a passenger flight). Also, every person on the ship relies life jacket.

We will provide security together!
The SBS company realizes the big range of lifeboats of different configurations and producers. Whatever the tasks assigned to you, ensuring the safety of the vessel and passengers should always be a priority. When choosing rescue equipment, pay attention to its quality, technical and operational characteristics. Do not pursue cheapness, because the price of a cheap and low-quality boat can be someone's life.

SBS cooperates with global manufacturers in the field of ship equipment. Long years of work in this area provide extensive experience in its implementation. The market is constantly monitored to find new models and suppliers. At the same time, the average cost of equipment remains low due to the absence of intermediaries between manufacturers and SBS. If you have difficulty choosing the necessary lifeboat modification, leave a request by phone or on the website. A qualified specialist will contact you to explain all the details and subtleties, help you make the right choice and purchase the product you like.

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