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Компания СБС рада предложить сертифицированные судовые запасные части

The SBS company offers services in maintenance of river and sea vessels. Original spare parts, highly qualified specialists, international standards, reputation and extensive experience are weighty arguments in favor of our company.

Even the most reliable mechanisms fail, in addition, some require periodic inspection. It is the same with ships: being in a raid or in a port, the swimming craft is continuously exposed to aggressive environmental influences. As a result, there are all sorts of deformation, corrosion develops. It is also necessary to take into account natural wear, which adversely affects the general condition and technical and operational qualities of components and assemblies.

For the uninterrupted operation of the vessel, it is necessary to carry out the maintenance of all mechanisms at regular intervals. If necessary, make timely replacement of defective parts. Specialists of the SBS company will select the necessary consumables and spare parts, which will allow to restore the initial working performance of the devices.

Product range
SBS Company supplies original and certified ship spare parts for the following sea and river ships nodes:

screw-steering mechanisms;
main and auxiliary engines;
hydraulic systems;
pump equipment;
desalination plants;
steering gear and thrusters;
wastewater disinfection plants;
all kinds of fuel equipment, including plungers, sprayers;
You can learn more about the technical characteristics of each product item by contacting our consultants. Our company offers a large selection of components from leading manufacturers - both foreign and Russian.

SBS Company works honestly and openly, we always treat our customers decently. For these reasons, many customers become our regular customers and friends. All skills, knowledge, skills and energy are aimed at ensuring a successful and stable future of our partners and our company.

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