SBS offers a wide range of davits and overhead cranes


Ship's davits and overhead cranes

Компания СБС предлагает шлюпбалки и кран-балки в широком ассортименте

A davit is a special tool that is intended for launching boats and other aggregates from the ship into the water and raising them back to the ship. Crane beams are used to service the main engines and other goods of any purpose, shape, size, weight.

The SBS company delivers davits and the crane beams in the widest range. If necessary, we compose any equipment that will have the necessary technical specifications for you.

Advantages of crane beams from SBS company:
compliance with international quality standards and safe operation;
control is carried out by hydraulics;
manipulation of the crane beam can be done remotely;
hermetic and high-strength construction;
In the catalogs of the company "SBS" are davits and crane beams of any modifications - simple devices for small vessels and multifunctional devices with pitching compensation and a constant tension winch.

It is possible to divide all davits into three types:

gravity devices;
roll-over davits;
1. Overflowing. The form of an arrow can be L-shaped, crescent, S-shaped, system Iolko. Each of the above types has its own design features, therefore, advantages and disadvantages.

2. Swivel. Consist of such components:

other details.
This is the most outdated modification of beams, which today can only be found on small vessels.

3. Gravitational. The modern look of davits, whose work is based on the descent of boats under the action of gravity. As for lifting, it is carried out by means of electric winches.

Types of gravity davit:

articulated (single and double hinge);
rolling over
Gravitational technology in modern shipbuilding is most common: on transport ships - of double-hinged type, on industrial and passenger ships - rostral counterparts.

Pulkovskoe shosse, 40-4, lit. A, of. 8080

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