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The use of loading and unloading equipment has greatly simplified the execution of the above works in any conditions. And above all, it concerns shipping, because the activity of all shipping companies is often associated with the movement of cargo. The faster the work of loading and unloading the goods is done, the faster it will be at the end user. It is very important that the equipment used is reliable and able to withstand heavy loads.

Судовые краны от производителя

Features of telescopic cranes
The ship telescopic crane is a structure made of durable metal on the optron-swivel mechanism. It can be equipped with a hydraulic, electro-hydraulic or electric drive. Telescopic boom is a welded construction of several sections that can move relative to each other. They come in various versions, which is designed to facilitate the work of loading and unloading in any conditions.

The telescopic crane is convenient primarily due to the fact that the folding boom makes it compact. It does not take up much space, but has a high carrying capacity. Such a crane is also able to work with cargoes located below deck level and in other confined spaces. Its equipment includes security systems, hydraulic pumps and electrical equipment. In general, this is a simple and convenient device that greatly facilitates loading and unloading.

Ship cranes from “SBS”
SBS Company cooperates with several manufacturers of ship cranes, which are known all over the world. One of these is the Austrian concern Palfinger. It has a huge productive capacity, and the characteristics of its products meet all the requirements of the Rules for the Construction and Safe Operation of Cranes and are imported to Russia with strict compliance with the requirements of the Legislation of the Russian Federation.

The main idea that the founders of the company put into their offspring is the slogan “Perfection is timeless”. That is why Palfinger not only produces and implements, but also invests in scientific research, which allows him to be the first to put into practice the most innovative technologies. SBS, as the main partner of Palfinger in Russia, is introducing the latest technical developments of this European brand into the country's economy.

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