Ship cranes of various modifications


Cargo transportation is one of the main directions of maritime shipping. The world economy is based on the rapid and qualitative movement of goods between countries. And during the Second World War, the introduction of international freight standards has significantly increased the efficiency of arms supplies and other assistance to the allies. Therefore, it is very important that the equipment for these purposes meets the most stringent international standards and does not fail at any stage of work.

Судовые краны разных модификаций

Features of ship cranes
Ship crane is a type of lifting machine, which is included in the ship's loading device. It is connected with equipment with hull structures. There are two types:

It is also customary to single out:

cargo booms;
jib cranes;
gantry, under deck cranes;
load gripping devices.
The most commonly used stationary cranes or cranes with the ability to move longitudinally or transversely. The mass of the crane itself should be as small as possible, and the control should be fairly simple. All electric motors, mechanisms, pipelines are made with special protection from moisture. Lifting capacity varies from 1 to 320 tons, and the maximum reach of the boom reaches 50 meters.

A hydraulic crane is capable of lifting loads using hydraulic traction. They are also electric and electro-hydraulic.

“SBS” - guarantee of reliability of ship equipment
Despite the apparent simplicity, working with valuable goods is a big responsibility. Therefore, when choosing a supplier for equipment, it is necessary to be guided by the following principles:

Avoid unfamiliar brands;
Do not work with dealers, repeatedly inflate prices;
Require all necessary documentation from the seller;
Listen to colleagues reviews.
LTD SBS in all these parameters meets the highest requirements. We work only with well-known large companies, such as Palfinger, who have long and firmly taken their place in the market of ship equipment. We are official representatives of Palfinger in Russia, which allows us to keep prices low, while we can provide any certificates and other necessary documents. And for many years of work in the market of goods for shipbuilding and ship repair, we have gained an impressive number of satisfied customers.

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