Ship desalination plants


At all times, the provision of vessels with fresh water was acute. Only if, in the era of sailing vessels, only the crew needed fresh water, then with the advent of steam engines, the need increased significantly.

Modern industry offers numerous choice of mechanisms for the desalination of sea water. Particularly noteworthy are the Italian desalination plants Tecnicomar, the implementation of which the company "SBS". In our assortment there is a water-desalting equipment of any capacity, capacity and size - the choice depends on the wishes of the customer and the characteristics of the ship.

Desalination Techniques

There are such methods of water desalination: chemical, electric dialysis, freezing, distillation, hyperfiltration. We will talk about each method separately.

1. Freezing. If sea water is frozen slowly, then the ice will turn out fresh. This is an economical way, however, it requires the use of dimensional and sophisticated equipment, which is not always advisable under the conditions of swimming equipment.

2. Distillation. Sea water is heated, therefore, water molecules are transformed into a gaseous phase. Salts, which are contained in seawater, are inactive, due to which they remain in the solution of seawater. The steam condenses and the output is desalinated water.

3. Electrodialysis. With the help of the electric field salts are removed from the water. The chambers where the water is desalinated are separated from the brine tanks by special membranes. This is an economically inexpensive method that is ideal for low-saline waters.

4. Chemistry. This method has not received much popularity, since silver is used in the process.

5. Hyperfiltration. Films treated in a special way can only skip water molecules under pressure, but not salts.

Distillation method is the most popular. However, the desalination plants operating in this way, in turn, are classified into adiabatic (no heating batteries) and with immersed batteries (surface type).

If you are interested in ship desalination plants, then SBS has everything you need to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

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