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For any company engaged in the sale of ship and deck equipment, the main success factor is the presence of a developed network of partners - manufacturers in this field. This can be achieved only as a result of many years of work in this field. Of great importance is also the reputation of the company, supported by favorable conditions of cooperation.

“SBS” - in step with the times
SBS Ltd. has been working as a supplier of ship devices of various types for more than 10 years. In his arsenal of cooperation with leading European brands. In particular, German, Dutch, Austrian, etc. Their products enjoy unchanged success around the world.

For example, Palfinger manufactures hydraulic loading and unloading systems. The headquarters of this company is located in Salzburg, and the network of factories is located around the world. In addition to direct production, the company is constantly engaged in research and improvement of existing technologies and structures.

Verhar Omega has been producing nitrogen generators and compressors since 1967, and its head office is located in Sassenheim, the Netherlands. Its activity is also not limited to simple production: for development, the company has a full-fledged technical department, in which all aspects of the design of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic components can be investigated. This allows SBS to keep abreast of the latest developments and introduce them into use by Russian consumers.

Activity “SBS”
There are three main areas in the work of the SBS company:

Sale of equipment to shipbuilding industries;

Sale of spare parts to ship repair organizations and shipowners;

Equipment maintenance.

The client base of SBS includes dozens of contacts from Russia, countries of near and far abroad. This is a collaboration that has been proven over the years of successful work, which means that there are good recommendations from various sources.

In the SBS catalog you can find the following items:

Lifting, deck, rescue equipment;

Cabin and galley equipment;

Desalination plants and water purifiers;

Spare parts for a wide range of shipboard equipment

Ship equipment with a quality guarantee from the SBS companyEven if you have doubts or difficulties in choosing the right position, company employees will provide high-quality advice that will help you make the right decision. Each client is waiting for a special approach associated with identifying and meeting their needs.

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