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Every detail on the ship has its own purpose. And although it is easy for most ordinary people to name the main components of a marine vessel, such as anchor, engine, portholes, etc., much is hidden from their eyes. Windlass and spiers are among them. This is part of the anchor mechanism, which is responsible for lifting the anchor and holding the anchor chain during the stay of the vessel.

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Features anchor mechanisms
The windlass is a device, fixed on the deck, with a horizontal shaft, which with the help of a winch, two stars and two drums lowers and raises the anchor. It can also select mooring lines. The operation of these devices is carried out using drives:

In total, there are three types of windlass:

With gearbox and two electric motors, has 2 stages of cylindrical transmission;
With gearbox and one engine, it has 1 bevel and 1 one cylindrical gear;
With gear and drive motor, has 1 worm and 1 cylindrical transmission.
The spire is also a device that mounts on deck and performs similar functions. The difference lies in the fact that the shaft in the design of the spire is located vertically, and the stars and turachki are in one copy. Therefore, the windlass can choose and give two anchor chains at once, and the spire can only have one. It is also not equipped with an engine, it works at the expense of energy, which is provided by the design features of the ship.

In addition to windlasses and spiers, there is a so-called anchor-mooring machine. It is able to work in two modes: automatic and manual. The average lifetime of all these devices is about 25 years.

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