Ship winch


In the design of the sea or river vessel every detail is important. From any, at first glance, minor details may depend on the life of the crew and passengers, the safety of valuable goods. Therefore, any product used in this area should be of high quality and reliable.

The ship winch is a special mechanism that, with the help of ropes or cables, provides the tractive effort required to lift and move loads. The descent and lifting of goods are made in the vertical direction. However, horizontal movement can also be implemented.

Ship winches - types and features

Types and device winches
Despite its apparent simplicity, this type of mechanism also has its own classification. Depending on whether the winch is fixed permanently or it needs to be mobile, it is called fixed or mobile. Traction element can be a rope, cable or chain. The design can be provided with one or more drums. They are also different: smooth, rifled, friction.

The classic design of the winch implies the presence of a drum, frame, electric motor, gearbox and brake system. Sometimes they also add a polyspast - a special lifting device to increase traction. Winches can be electric, steam and hydraulic.

Features of ship winches
Most often cargo winches are used to work with ship's arrows, as well as when mooring or towing. The average capacity of this device is about five to six tons, some reach hundreds. The manufacture of this equipment is governed by the Maritime Register Rules, which fully regulate the technical characteristics of ship winches.

Ship winches are tested and checked to identify possible defects. In case of detecting any malfunctions before starting work, the winch is not allowed to operate. Also, all winches must have special fences that prevent them from being seized by moving parts of clothing or parts of the human body to ensure safe operation.

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