Ship-mounted crane arm


For many years, SBS has been cooperating with the concern Palfinger. It is one of the major manufacturers of offshore cranes in the world, also intended for drilling rigs and research expeditions. Their products successfully withstand work in conditions of low and high temperatures, strong wind and other adverse conditions.

Features ship cranes-manipulators
Palfinger uses only high quality materials in its production. The quality of their equipment is also ensured by the power of the research center, which constantly develops and modernizes the existing technologies and structures.

In general, the crane performs loading and unloading operations. It can perform work even under conditions complicated by pumping and irrigation with sea water.

Crane design:

Swivel part: tower type body, inside it - pump unit, parts of hydro-system;

The fixed part, which can also accommodate power units.

Management occurs from the panel from the special platform or a cabin. It is also possible to use the remote control.

High-quality marine cranes-manipulators from Palfinge concern - buy and install - SBS company

Crane ship lifts loads with a winch, durable cable, pulley, cargo suspension with hook. The boom is a welded metal structure whose outreach is provided by several hydraulic cylinders.

In the event of an abrupt change in pressure in the hydraulic system of the crane, the braking system is activated, which keeps the load in a raised position.

“SBS” - sale of ship crane-manipulators
There are various types of cargo systems designed to perform work on ships for various purposes. Whatever task you face, SBS employees will help you choose the optimal type of equipment, as well as spare parts for it. Palfinger Marine partners are constantly improving available technologies, as well as providing comprehensive support to customers in any part of the world.

Cooperation directly with manufacturers allows SBS to avoid increasing the cost that inevitably arises when working through intermediaries. Constant interaction with partners allows us to keep abreast of current trends, update the range, to understand the incoming claims. If you have started cooperation with SBS, you can be sure that it will be long and fruitful, and the equipment provided will be reliable and of high quality.

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