Spare parts for Palfinger Marine ships


SBS LTD is an official partner of the Austrian concern Palfinger, which manufactures and sells spare parts for its ship equipment. This is a high-class brand, the quality of products which meets global standards.

What is Palfinger Marine

Quality Palfinger Marine Ship Spare Parts

Palfinger Marine is a world leader in the manufacture of durable and innovative deck devices, as well as solutions for the marine industry. The product range includes cranes, rescue equipment, winches and other handling equipment. The worldwide service network, including the supply of spare parts, provides fast and professional on-site support. Palfinger Marine operates in all major maritime segments, including cruise ships, naval vessels and coast guards.

Palfinger Marine marine cranes are designed to meet safety standards and with maximum resistance to extreme environmental conditions. A wide range of cranes used for various purposes in shipbuilding and oil and gas industry is presented. Decades of experience allowed us to develop optimal solutions for various situations, including those related to repairs. It is known that the failure of even one part can seriously slow down the processes on the ship or even stop them. Therefore, ship spare parts must be present on the ship during the voyage.

Safe approach together with SBS LTD
Specialists of SBS LTD are able to repair any ship equipment due to many years of accumulated knowledge and connections in the global shipbuilding industry. The company's team is competent not only in ship engines, but also in ship engineering as a whole. This allows SBS specialists to service various equipment, including cranes and winches, in accordance with the stated high standards.

The rich experience of interaction with Palfinger Marine gives the company undeniable advantages over its competitors. If you have any difficulties in servicing your vessel, the parts have become unusable, it is necessary to carry out repair work as soon as possible - just fill out the form on the website or call SBS LTD. Here every client is important, because at stake is the company's reputation.

Palfinger Marine Ship Spare Parts

Pulkovskoe shosse, 40-4, lit. A, of. 8080

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