Lifeboats and other rescue equipment from the manufacturer


Anyone who has ever set sail, knows why a rescue boat is needed. Even in the ancient world, it was an indispensable tool for the salvation of those who suffered a shipwreck. Today, no vessel can do without the required number of boats. Their number depends on how many people are on board.

Features of lifeboats
Boats launching is carried out in two ways:

Free fall;
Using special mechanisms

Спасательные шлюпки и другое спасательное оборудование от производителя

The number of boats is also determined by the following parameters: the type of vessel (cargo or passenger), the navigation area. In the first case, on each side of the ship there must be exactly the number of boats that can accommodate all the crew members (in total, there are twice as many places as there are people on the ship). In the second - from each side of the ship there are boats that can accommodate half of the crew and passengers (that is, the number of seats corresponds to the number of people on the ship).

All boats are painted in bright orange color. Also, special reflective stripes and crosses are glued on the sides and on the deck. This is done to improve their visibility at sea. In addition, even in the case of filling with water, the lifeboat must be sufficiently stable, stay afloat and not lose in maneuverability. In the absence of extreme weather conditions, the launch of the boat should be carried out within ten minutes for cargo ships, and for passenger ships it should not exceed half an hour.

Ships that are used to transport hazardous flammable substances, such as oil, are equipped with special lifeboats with ignition protection. Their hulls are made more durable, special irrigation systems are installed, and portholes are made of fire-resistant glass. Also, each boat is driven by an internal combustion engine, and is able to reach speeds of at least six knots when fully filled.

Lifeboats from SBS
Lifeboats, sold by our company, have all the necessary technical certificates, and manufacturing partners have extensive experience in their field and work in the international market for a long time. Here you will be provided with comprehensive support at every stage of the transaction, thanks to which you will be assured of the safety of your vessel, crew and passengers. Lifeboats are a guarantee of survival in hazardous conditions of the high seas.

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